Crew Recruitment

Attracting, Recruiting, Training, Deploying and Developing Highly Skilled Seafarers for your vessels is the core purpose of our crew management business. You can be assured we will offer your fleet the right mix of crew, with the right skillsets and competence, at the right time, to optimise your vessel and commercial performance.Operating from well-established Crew Management Centres around the world, we deal seamlessly with every aspect of crew management operations for every maritime segment, reducing your operating costs, and delivering world-class operations.

Whether you require a single specialist seafarer, or a turnkey solution for managing the full complement for every vessel in your fleet, our scale and global reach means we can offer you flexible and responsive crew management services tailored to suit your needs.

Main Fleet Crew Management

We know how important is the safety onboard and crew competence is important for Main Fleet Vessels training world-wide and your vessels that's why we believe that human factors drive vessel performance. You can be assured that you have selected the right partner. we are experts in crew management, and we do this at scale, without compromise.

To save you time and valuable resources in house, we have an extensive network of Crew Management Centres, where we source, recruit, plan and mobilise seafarers globally-covering all roles and vessel types, whilst providing you full visibility and ultimate flexibility. We manage all aspects of seafarer certification and compliance, and maintain the most stringent ethical standards.

Offshore Fleet Crew Management

We have an extensive track record for a wide range of specialized offshore vessels including but not limited to:

  1. Offshore accommodation vessels
  2. Floating Production Storage and Offloading units (FPSO)
  3. Anchor Handler Tug Supply (AHTS)
  4. Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)

We have dedicated teams focusing on offshore recruitment activities and have the expertise to support owners, investors, and operators with the complexities of the offshore markets either in the renewable as well as in the oil and gas space.

Catering Crew Management

We have the ability to recruit, train and manage high-performing catering crew of any nationality. Our catering crew is trained for the following services onboard :

*To prepare nutritionally balanced and healthy meals onboard which cater to the various specific preferences of the crew on board 24 hours a day.
*All Housekeeping and Laundry services to maintain a clean and comfortable onboard environment.
*Trained to implement a strict food safety protocol to eliminate food-related illness on board and guarantee crew satisfaction.
We always have openings for good and experienced catering staff, to apply for the following ranks:
1. Camp boss   2. Chief Cook   3. Cook
4. General Steward   5. Laundry Man   6. Bakery Man