ECI /WCI To China Direction With Iron Ore Fines/Pellets/Lumps. * Pg/India With Limestone /Clinker/Gypsum/ Aggregates Etc. * Indonesia/ India Coal In Bulk In Smx/Pmx Segment. * Rbct/India Coal In Bulk In Smx And Pmx Segment. * Australia/India With Coal In Bulk For Smx /Pmx Segment. * Indian Coastal Biz Within Eci And Eci/Wci With Bulk Harmless. *

Apart From These Cargoes, We Work For Other Grain And Rice, fertilizers, and Steel Commodities From Our Exclusive Clients. We Are Actively Participating With All Govt Public Sector Units Cargoes And First-Class Charts In India And With Overseas Clients. Owners Side We Are Dealing With All Major European Clients, Dubai Based Clients, Indian Vessel Owners, Chinese/Korean Vessel Owners


Our Chemical desk handles cargoes such as follows :
Clean product tankers Acids, veg oils, palm oils, molasses, lubricating oils and bitumen for various international and coastal routes within India. We work across the world and connected with all good tanker owners to full fill our chartering needs. Dirty Tankers Chemical Tankers,

We are working closely with our clients /PSU companies to full fill chartering needs.


We have participated in various container, liner, and heavy lift trades and continues to pursue these growing markets worldwide. We work with all good Chinese, Korean, European clients to cater client needs. We quote very competitive offers to compete and inline with our client needs.